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Our goal is to be the largest online automotive community! So if you just have a love for cars or you want to learn how to work on them, also if you’re interested in getting into the automotive industry. We have you covered! 

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Meet CEO/Founder Lucky Lopez!

I’ve always had a deep love and passion for Cars and the Automotive industry I started my journey when i was 14 years old when I bought my first car at a tow yard auction. From there I made it my life mission to do everything Automotive in 2000 I opened up my first automotive repair shop then expanded it to auto body and collision along with customizing and restoration of classic an exotic cars. After the recession of 2008 we decided to go ahead and start thinking about opening up a car dealership because there’s so many people in need of affordable cars so for the next few years I learn everything I could about being a dealer and in 2012 that dream happened we opened up our dealership. After being open for several years I’ve seen a lot of my other dealerships going out of business so I started to study them and see why? after See why all the business where failing a light bulb turned on inside my head!!! I decided that my next chapter/Mission would be to Help and teach how to properly operate your dealership automotive repair shop and rental car company I started on the local level coaching people and training then started offering my services Nationwide via videoconference and then I started speaking at large automotive conferences across the United States this New Opportunity has basically open my eyes and gave me a new mission in life and that’s where Automotive Life was created to help other people along the Automotive journey. So I’m taking my love, passion and knowledge of the Automotive Industry and sharing with the world.

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We post every Saturday! So make sure you subscribe and click the notification bell because we’re gonna be going to a three day a week schedule here soon!!! Monday-Wednesday-Friday We’re gonna be going over new cars coming out what’s going on in the automotive industry and some of the new tools & Tech that’ll help you and your business
Along with some pretty fun projects and builds.
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Online Courses

Starting a business in the automotive industry has never been easier with our Online Courses showing you everything you need from A-to-Z on how to get your business up and running and how to set up successful business practices to help keep you profitable and on the right track.


Consulting is to get you on the right track quicker with unique business plan designed specifically for you and your business Let our knowledgeable staff help guide you through the process of your automotive business.


Coaching/mentoring is always needed for long-term business strategies we are here 24/7 to bounce business ideas off of to talk about changing directions for your automotive business as well as planning for the future set up an appointment today.


How To Start A Car Dealership Program 

Here’s a brief summary of what we’re going to show you in this online course. We will show you how to start your dealership by navigating the licensing process, how to get banks and other vendors. We will also teach you how to buy cars using lines of credit. One of the most complicated things that most dealers have problems with is how to finance and a the things to watch out for so you don’t jeopardize your money or your license!

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